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Hi Friends! Book 1 Lesson 1

Students try to get used to introduce themselves in English, and also try to have a positive attitude while they're greeting each other. And at the end be aware that they're also some other languages existed in the world.

                                                                                     ・積極的に挨拶をしよう とする。

                                                                     ・英語での挨拶や自分 の名前の言い方に慣れ 親しむ。

                                                                               ・世界には様々な言語 があることを知る。

                                               Lesson 1 new lexis
                                                              hello, name, what, your, my, is, you, thank, goodbye

           Lesson 1 Specific Activities                                    

Can students say the dialogue? See how fast they can go in teams. The Learning Target is: I can say greetings positively: “Let’s begin English class.”“My name is~.” (Or, I am familiar with English greetings.)

Greetings From My Country
Card-switching game involving the greetings from the various countries learned in this lesson.

Kanji Names
Students learn the English meaning of the kanji in their names. It`s good for learning new (usually) simple words in English and finding out about various kanji meanings.

My Name Is Bingo
Students learn how to do a quick self-introduction and play Bingo.

                                                   Relevant Activities