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Hi Friends! Book 1 Lesson 2


Nonverbal communication (facial expressions, gestures, etc.) is especially important in cross-culture communication and can sometimes be the leading cause of miscommunication.  


In this unit, students will do a variety of nonverbal activities to show its importance.


However, the goal of this lesson is to not only show the role nonverbal cues play in conversations, but hopefully get the students to start thinking about the nonverbal communication they engage in on a daily basis.







 Lesson 2 new lexis
 happy, fine, sleepy, hungry, how, are, I, am (I'm)

           Lesson 2 Specific Activities                                    

Reverse Charades

A small group of students has to guess how the class is feeling from their gestures.

The Missing Game

Can students remember all the vocabulary? This is more of a vocabulary game rather than a dialogue game and really good for checking their abilities. 

                                                   Relevant Activities