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Hi Friends! Book 1 Lesson 4
      I LIKE APPLES       

This lesson combines what the students learned from Lesson 1, along with “I like…” sentences, to perform a basic self-introduction, bearing in mind the students’ ‘likes” will be quite limited because the students lack of English vocabulary. 


Also, gairaigo (loan words) will be addressed.  [Gairaigowords refer to a Japanese wordthat originated from a foreign language, for example, tabako which means “cigarette” or desuku, which refers to a person’s job title at work.]  We will compare gairaigo words to their English originals to see that, even though the pronunciation is the same, the meanings are quite different. 


If students use words that are not in the textbook, it is up to the teacher(s) as to whether or not to incorporate them into the lesson.


The ultimate goal is to create a positive classroom environment where students are encouraged to communicate, resulting in an exchange of information where students learn more about each other, and hopefully build solid relationships long into their future.










                                                Lesson 4 new lexis
             I, you, like, do, yes, no, not apple(s), strawberry(ies), cherry(ies), peach(es), grape(s), kiwi fruit(s),
    lemon(s), banana(s), pineapple(s), orange(s), melon(s). ice cream, milk, juice, baseball, soccer, swimming,
                                                basketball, bird(s), rabbit(s), dog(s) cat(s), spider(s)             
           Lesson 4 Specific Activities                                    

Do You Like Doraemon:This activity has students practice "I like" phrases by trying to guess what their partner likes in order to gain points.


Evolution: Students play a competitive interview game using the 'I like' and 'Do you like?' phrases.


                                                   Relevant Activities         
                                                                                          Like Self-Intro