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Hi Friends! Book 1 Lesson 5

                                WHAT COLOR DO YOU LIKE                                      
Students will get the correct pronunciation of some Colors, Fruits, Animals, and sports, beside acquiring how to response        properly to the questions like: what color, fruit, animal or sport do you like?  I like blue ... and etc.  





                                               Lesson 5 New Lexis
I, like, you, do, yes, no, don't, red, blue, yellow, pink, green, brown, orange, purple, black, white, T-shirt, heart,
                                                    star, circle, triangle, animal, color, fruit, sport

           Lesson 5 Specific Activities                                    

Clothing Go Fish Note:This game was originally for old Eigonoto (1-5) but still is fine for this lesson, with just a bit of modification.   
Students practice use of target vocabulary (clothing and colors) and compose sentences using “Do you have…”, “Yes, I do.” and “No, I don`t.” It's the same basic exercise as Activity 1 in the book but more entertaining.


Dress You Up Note: this one also goes well with Eigonoto (1-5), but perhaps you can use it for your good classes.
Students test their listening and memory skills by listening to a conversation between HRT/ALT.  Once it is finished, they try to dress up their doll to match the conversation.


Market Survey: This lesson is best used for the 3rd of 4th lesson when teaching Lesson 5 from Hi friends one. The students will play at working for a marketing company.


What Do You Like - Guess Who: Students practice asking and answering "What ___ do you like?" while testing how well they know their classmates in this guess who acitivity.

                                                   Relevant Activities
                                                                         Clothing / Colors / Shopping