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Hi Friends! Book 1 Lesson 6

               WHAT DO YOU WANT                    
The goal of this lesson is to teach the ABCs (only the Capital letters) plus some extra number words on top of lesson 3 (only up to 30) to the Elementary 5th grader students, and also they're going to learn how to answer the "what do you want" question, meanwhile practicing some polite English phrases like: Please, here you are and thank you.                 


・積極的にアルファベット大文字を読んだり、欲しい ものを尋ねたり答えたりし ようとする。

・アルファベットの文字とその読み方とを一致させ、欲 しいものを尋ねたり答えたりする表現に慣れ親しむ。


Lesson 6 new lexis
                                               アルファベットA ~ Z one ~ thirty what, do, you, want, please.
           Lesson 6 Specific Activities                                    

Fruit Trump

Students go fishing for the same card that he/she has in his/her hand.

How Much Is It Note:This game primitively made for old Eigonoto (1-6), but since the main language of both lessons is the same, so you can probably use this for your prompt classes as the backup.

This lesson includes three short activities to teach about shopping. First, students start off learning shopping vocabulary. Second, they learn key phrases/questions.  Third, they setup shops go shopping. 


Keyword Karuta Note: Since This game also belongs to old Eigonoto; I suggest you use ABCs and numbers 1~30 instead of Old Eigonoto (1-6) lexicons.  

This activity is meant to help students hear the difference between real vs. kana English.


Vocab Crossword (only worksheet)


What Do You Want Trump: Students try to make pairs with a standard deck of cards by answering the question "What do you want?".

                                                   Relevant Activities
                                                                                            Alphabet & Numbers