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Hi Friends! Book 1 Lesson 7



This lesson introduces the question, "What's this?" and focuses on asking it in a natural manner.  Amongst others, the activities employed are a "silhouette" and "black box" game.  S & BB are good ‘sight’ and ‘touch’ activities because they do not burden the students with having to know too much English.


In the final area of this lesson, each group will deliver their own original quiz to the class. 


Also, this lesson will try to raise the students’ interest in language in general by showing, using kanji characters as examples, how completely separate words when combined can form a word with a new meaning: 海月 (kurage) jellyfish, 海星(hitode) starfish, etc.


本単元では、What's this?を自然な形で使う場面として、「シルエット・クイズ」や「ブラック・ボックス・クイズ」などのクイズを出し合う活動を取り上げた。これらのクイズは、視覚や触覚などの情報がヒントとなるため、児童は、"What's this?"と言うだけでよく、表現で過度な負担をかけることはない。





                                               Lesson 7 new lexis

                                        what, is, this, it, cat, mat, cap, tomato, pineapple, guitar, banana, piano, baseball

           Lesson 7 Specific Activities                                    

Hidden Picture

This is a review activity, using questions learnt in Eigo Noto prior to the "What's this?" lesson, while also using the What's this?" question.


Nani Kore Gestures

Nani Kore? literally means What is this? in Japanese.  Students try to collect as many chips as possible by asking various "What is this?" questions.


What's Janken: A simple speaking and listening Janken focused sugoroku that has students say, "What's this?" "It's a..." many times. 


What's This

Students draw pictures and ask their friends, "What's this?"


What's This? Picture Quiz: Using a fun zoomed-photo picture quiz, students practice vocabulary and target language from Eigo Noto's Lesson 7.


"What`s This" Sugoroku: Students play sugoroku to practice "What`s This?" (with updated vocabulary for Hi Friends Lesson 7!)

"What's This" Interactive Quizz: Fun way to work on lesson 7, using a nice power point file.

                                                   Relevant Activities
                                                                                          School Objects