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 Hi Friends! Book 1 Lesson 8                                                                                                                                        
                                   I STUDY JAPANESE

Up to this point in the Eigo Noto, students’ interests in other cultures/customs hopefully have been broadening.  To further widen their interests, the students will study school subjects that are taught at elementary schools all around the world [a.k.a. China, Japan and Australia]. Students will study the School Subjects and Days of the Week in order to make a school schedule. They will then present their own school schedules as practice to the lesson’s timetable listening quiz.


Beyond the goals already listed above, students will be asked to think about and explain (in Japanese) why they made their schedules the way they did.  The idea behind this is to have students engage in clear communication by vocally communicating to others their thought processes.






                                               Lesson 8 new lexis
      Sunday ~ Saturday, Japanese, English, math, social studies, science, music, P.E., arts and crafts, home economics,
                                                                            calligraphy, study, on, I, you, what, do

           Lesson 8 Specific Activities                                    

Character Guess: Students try to guess what character their partner is by using `Do you..?` questions. Look in the Variation section for the ES variation.


Concentration: A listening activity putting the subjects with the right days in the right order.


Discovery Chance: Students (in two person teams) take their chances to discover their opponents’ hidden spots while they’re using the appropriate target language of the day (I normally play this game with kids to teach them days of the week).


I study English: Students will use trading cards to give their classmates three hint quizzes using "I study ~." Students who guess correctly get the card from their classmate.

Let's Study Dance: Students learn the similarities and differences between Japanese schools and Western schools. Students study comparisons of subjects studied, classroom set-up, and special activities.


Memory Round: Students listen to the subjects their classmates like to study and memorize.


Schedule Gap: Each student has a schedule with missing subjects. They have to ask their classmate to find out what they are missing.


Schedule Tic-Tac-Toe: Using the classic game, kids practice school subjects, and days of the week in the context of a sentence. 


Squares: In this strategy game, students draw lines to try and complete a square. This game was designed for JHS, but Jacob's attachments are designed for Hi Friends

                                                   Relevant Activities                                                        
                                                                                 Subjects / Days / Time