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Hi Friends! Book 1 Lesson 9


                                                                        Students will study expressions related to ordering food. 

                                      Students will come to an understanding that adding "please" to an expression is not simply to be polite.

                                                                It is also used when considering the other party's feelings as well. 

       This is the final Eigo Noto lesson for grade 5 students.  Hopefully the students are now able to communicate in a thoughtful and accepting manner.









                                               Lesson 9 new lexis
 would, I, you, like, what, hamburger, omelet, hamburger steak, salad, cake, spaghetti, hotdog, pizza, ice cream,
  yogurt, pudding, orange juice, parfait, sushi, sausages, fried chicken, green tea, natto, miso soup, rice,bread,
               french fries, apple, banana, pinapple, peach, cherry, grape, lemon, kiwi fruit, strawberry, melon

           Lesson 9 Specific Activities                                    

Parfait Buffet

Students get into groups and compete to make the most or best parfait.


Parfait Builder Wrksht Only (byJannah Horvath

A bunch of fruit and ice cream to print out and cut up. Parfait glass is available on the Hi-Friends CD.


Waiter Training

Students take turns as waiters and restaurant customers ordering food.

                                                   Relevant Activities             
                                                                                Polite Language / Food