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Hi Friends! Book 2 Lesson 2

                                         WHEN IS YOUR BIRTHDAY

Through the use of Japanese and foreign festivals/events [mainly, Japanese festivals], the aim of this lesson to teach the students the months of the year.


Additionally, students will learn how to ask/answer when their birthdays are.  While this might not prove useful in the everyday life of the student, the months vocabulary need not be limited to birthdays. ‘When’ questions are quite common, and as such, using months to respond to these types of questions can prove quite useful: "It is..." or "...on June 13th." or " June."  It is the teachers job to show the students how these expressions can be applied to a larger range of situations than simply to their birthday.   


Additionally, Japan is takes pride in having four distinct seasons.  With each season, brings a multitude of events, festivals and celebrations.  When students discuss these events, knowing the months of the year can prove quite convenient.



日常生活においては、自分の誕生日を人に伝えることはあまりない。しかし、誕生日に限らず、日常生活において、When~?(~はいつですか。いつ~しますか。)などという質問に対して、It's ~.やOn June 13th.やin June.と答えるような場面が多い。本単元では児童に身近な誕生日を扱うものの、指導者としては誕生日という枠ではなく、そこから広がる場面を頭に入れておきたい。


                                               Lesson 2 new lexis
Ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd ~31st), January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

           Lesson 2 Specific Activities                                    

Birthday Bingo

Students learn months of the year and play bingo.


Birthday Lineup

Students line up along a wall. Using English they order themselves from the student with the earliest birthday to the student with the latest birthday.


Dates Pronunciation Board Game: This is a board game that helps students understand the pronunciation of dates in English.

Matsuko Deluxe Birthday: Students compete in rows to score points for being the first team to relay celebrity birthdays back to the ALT.


Not 21!: A variation was added to this activity to include months of the year.

                                                   Relevant Activities