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Hi Friends! Book 2 Lesson 3

                                         I CAN SWIM
The aim of this lesson is to teach “can/can’t” sentences so they can add to their self-introductions.

      While students share similar lifestyles and friends, you should encourage them that it’s okay to be different.  Every student has different facets and

                                                                      abilities.  These differences make every student unique. 

      By sharing these unique differences with each other, students can gain a new perspective of each other and possibly deepen their understanding and







                                               Lesson 3 new lexis
    can, can't( can not), play, swim, cook, ride, unicycle, table tennis, badminton, basketball, soccer, baseball, recorder, piano, a, the

           Lesson 3 Specific Activities                                    

Can You Find Out?: Find out who your opponent is by asking can you questions.


Dekiru Bingo:

The object of the game is to win points for you and/or your team by correctly forming 'can/can't' statements from the cards in the box without losing them by hitting a 'Bomb!' card.


Karuta: A 'Can Con't' variation was added.


Pick a Side

Students go to the left or right side of the classroom depending on whether they can do something. This game allows low-level/shy students to practice using `can` in a team before they have to talk 1-on-1.


Yes We Can

This activity was originally designed for JHS but it can also be used for ES.  It is a basic partner search/match game, but with funny cards and a different ending.

                                                   Relevant Activities