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Hi Friends! Book 2 Lesson 4

                                      TURN RIGHT 

The aim of this lesson is directions.  [All the other stuff in the first paragraph is fluff.]


Due to the increase in foreign tourists to Japan and Japanese tourists abroad the language covered in this lesson is quite useful in everyday life.  Keep in mind, in real life there is the possibility a map might be present to make communication easier or a person actually walking you to the desired location. 


Additionally, the students will learn the names of various buildings in their community: park, school, bookstore, etc.  Using things the students see in everyday life can strengthen the class' relevance to them.  Also, studying words students might think are English words (combini, depaato, etc.) can prove quite educational and beneficial to their pronunciation of these words.








                                               Lesson 4 new lexis
 turn, right, left, go, straight, stop, to, where, park, school, flower, shop, hospital, book, store, restaurant, supermarket, fire, station,
                                                               police, convenience, department, post, office, station,
Lesson 4 Specific Activities

Direction Aerobics

This is a very quick, easy and very energetic aerobic activity that practices direction vocabulary.


Baker Street Station: Students listen to a conversation between the ALT and HRT and practice the keywords from Eigo Note Lesson 5. The lesson introduces 3 famous London stations.


Blindfold Direction: A blindfolded student is guided by his peers to his chosen destination.


Building Flashcards: Attachment only by Alex Kraus


Directional Flashcards: Attachment only by Alex Kraus


Land of the Blind

Students work in pair teams, one blindfolded while the other issues commands, to move around the room and avoid getting caught by the Oni (Devil) team.

My City Bingo: A simple bingo game with a cool map style bingo card for city locations. 


School Directions

Students give directions to get to various rooms on a school building map, but they have to walk softly because some rooms have monsters anxious to eat their points.

                                                   Relevant Activities