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Hi Friends! Book 2 Lesson 5

                                      Let's GO TO ITALY

Of the 192 countries in the world 54 [According to Wikipedia referenced March 2010, the number is actually 57] use English as the official language or as a second language.


Even in Japan throughout JHS, HS and University, English education is provided, however it is often pointed out that many students are unable to communicate effectively. There are many opinions as to why this might occur, one being that the students have a strong feeling of having to speak perfect English.  


Of course glaring mistakes will be problematic but English is a language, and as such the most important point is that the speaker be able to communicate.  This unit will first show the students that various "versions" of English are spoken in different countries. The students will come to think of English as a communication tool and feel confident enough to try and express themselves without hesitation.
The secondary purpose of this unit is that the students will, through presenting which country they would like to visit and the reasons for their choice, garner a deeper interest and regard for other countries/people.









                                               Lesson 5 new lexis
I, you, do, like, want, to, go, where, play, see, eat
, Italy, Japan, China, Korea, Brazil, Egypt, Australia, France, India, America, Spain

           Lesson 5 Specific Activities                                    

Eat See VisitStudents learn a little about other countries, their food and famous places through playing a modified version of shikeisuijaku (pairs).

Going PlacesStudents chose cards from the blackboard to gain the most happy points.


Hidden Points: Students asks their friends, "Where do you want to go?" in hopes to find the most hidden points.


Liar Liar: Students draw cards of target vocabulary and make a sentence. Other students vote if they are lying or not.


World Tour Game: Students practice the phrases "where do you want to go" and "I want to go to ~" in an exciting dice rolling game.  

                                                   Relevant Activities