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Hi Friends! Book 2 Lesson 8

                               I WANT TO BE A TEACHER

This lesson deals with the students’ dreams for the future.  As this is the end of two years of ‘international study’ [a.k.a. ‘English study’] and the students will soon be graduating, this lesson can be thought of as not only a ‘wrapping up’ of school studies, but also get them thinking about what they want to do in the future as career.

In this lesson students will not only present their ‘dreams’ but also their reasons for said choices.  The students will not simply memorize various occupation vocabulary but that they think seriously about what they want to be and what their dream job will entail.  By presenting their dreams to the class, the idea is to foster a positive environment that will encourage students to follow their dreams into the future.






                                               Lesson 8 new lexis
         I, you, what, do, want, to, be, a(an), teacher, doctor, pastry chef, farmer, florist, singer, firefighter, soccer player, bus driver,
                                                      cabin  attendant, vet, zookeeper, comedian, baker, dentist, artist

           Lesson 8 Specific Activities                                    

Grade 6 Review Game (review)

A simple board game to review the material covered in Eigo Noto 2.


Hawd (review)

Hawd stands for "How Are What Do". Students take turns asking each other a variety of questions to get four in a row on the blackboard grid and score points for their team.


I Want To Be

Students exchange in a simple English question/answer conversation in a bid to gain or lose points.


Occupational Hazards

A conversation activity that allows all the students to use all the language from the unit whilst interacting with as many people as possible.


Occupations Snakes And Ladders

Students practise saying aloud the English words for occupations while playing snakes and ladders.


Stereo Noise

The class listens to a group of students announce in unison what they want to be.  The class must listen carefully to and try to decode each student's occupation.


Sugoroku Review (review)

A board game to help 6th graders review grammar and vocabulary from Eigo Noto 2.

Three Lies, One Truth

Students try to guess which one of four jobs their friends want to do.

What Do You Wanna Be

Students draw a line to match the English word to the occupation pictures.

                                                   Relevant Activities