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Activites: ES, JHS & HS ideas

Clipart: Characters / Caricatures / Cartoons

Coloring Pages

Countries: Maps, money, flags, country info

Crosswords / Word Searches

Dot-2-Dot / Mazes / Hidden Pictures



Grammar Sites: Explanations for the non-geeks

Misc: Stickers / point cards / nametags / awards


Tracing: Materials for tracing words and alphabet letter


Coming to Japan: Preparing / Money Exchange / Culture shock

Earthquakes: Links to all the information you need to know

J-Blogs: You blog about Japan?

Leaving Japan: Checklist / Pension / Shipping / Resume

Lifestyle: All about life and work in Japan

Newspapers & Info: English newspapers

Prefectural Websites: ALT and other sites, prefecture-specific

Studying Japanese: Best of the best free sites

Translators / Dictionaries

Travel: Train / Buses

Vehicles: Everything you'll need to know about cars in Japan.





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